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Lying is A Gateway Drug

Lying is like a gateway drug…

It starts off with a little fib.
Growing into something more complex,

While some call it a ‘white lie’.
Others become socially dependent,

It seems like an opportunity.
For these ‘educated’ individuals,

Along with the rest of Humanity.
Going against the very morals of life,

Every moment we approach our predestined end.

Not coming to this Realization of fact.
That life is only temporary,

We are drowning ourselves…

With each and every stroke,
We linger in deeper waters,

Only capable of treading for so long.

The harm which we have induced.

Lying not only to ourselves,
But to those around us,

Only to realize our errors,
When we have drowned,

And brought humanity along with us,
Into our graves,

Like the vast oceans,
Which depths remain hidden to us, even today.

So Help Us God!

A sin which only leads to more sins, is it not the deadliest of them all?
It has many names, to explain the one and only sin capable of causing great calamities. This not only harms the person who is lying, but also those who hear the very lies only to become victims.
An absolute tragedy, we live in a time where no one sees the ills of this major sin. Where people choose to sin solely to gain their worldly affairs, only to realize it won’t do them good for long.

Here I Stand

Here I Stand,
As I stood

Close by,
Yet far away

Such a difference,
Time does make

Here I am,
There you are

Take a step,
See the depths

Tumbling as I rise,
Falling as I climb

Going astray,
Pursuing happiness,

What cannot be found

Only never to attain,
Through the test of time

When nothing can appease,
Happiness dies down

A Labour Of Love

An observation I made
From my parents love for coffee.

Although, I share not the same
Passion for this caffeinated beverage,
I take away something far more valuable.

Words need not be said, yet,
This act of love remains visible.

The consumption of coffee
Turns to a labour of love,
One in which,
Time is spent together,

Making one wonder,
Whether, it is the coffee?
Or is it the desire to be,

Is it the act?
Is it the thought?
Or is it both?

Regardless of the answer.
Whatever it may be,

When one truly cares for another,
Each act is carried with them in mind,

Speaking becomes irrelevant and
The physical presence becomes enough.

We do for the other,
Not because we have to,
But because we want to.

Our expression of love need not be shared with the world,
Solely with the one.

I Fear That I Cannot Do Justice

I do not believe in representing everyone,
Nor should anyone else,
Believe so.

I believe in empowering others to stand up for themselves,
I can help provide individuals with a platform,
A platform from which they may speak freely
And make themselves heard clearly.

To be completely honest,
I cannot represent each and every individual,
Nor can anyone else,
I will not represent each and every individual,
Nor will anyone else,
I should not be capable of representing each and every individual.

I can neither represent their beliefs, their ideas or their thoughts,
I can simply highlight issues which matter to them.

This varies from person to person…

Yet, I say this again,
I am unable and unwilling to represent another or their views.

Naturally, we all have beliefs and ideals,
Which differ from each other,
As this is what makes us who we are.

The amount of passion and dedication which,
One submits to a single effort varies from person to person.

We do not think exactly alike, nor are we ever the same as one,

We’ll never be the same,
But we may share similar beliefs,
And should respect those
Who may think

Where Do I Stand

I have embarked on a journey
Not knowing where I will end,
Without doubts shall it surely be better,
Than where I stand today.

Seeing the world in all of its glory and its vain,
All of which makes it truly ours.

I do not know as to why I write,
Yet, I feel as if, it is right,
As if, it is, the only thing that I may do,
Without losing hindsight.

To make the world a better place,
While not knowing my own place.

Where do I stand today?
That I cannot say, but surely,

Our Centre of Attention

Sometimes life feels like a car drifting down the freeway…

Focusing only on what is ahead of us, rather than taking the time to enjoy the sights passing us by.

Like they say, it’s not about the destination but rather the journey.

We often find ourselves focussing more on the destination than acknowledging the journey.

When spontaneous events take place during a short period of time, we do not usually take the time to reflect upon what has taken place.

We easily lose sight and fail to value these life events, and by not cherishing these moments as much as the major highlights of our lives.

Not only, do these memories fade away, but we also lose track of the people we have met, and the things we have experienced.

This causes more harm than good to us, and I can confirm through my own experience in life.

I have neglected the present for far too long, which has caused me to miss out on the happiness which surrounded me. By only looking ahead, I have failed to take breaks to breath or to reflect on what I have accomplished thus far.

A Family Away From Home

On an unrelated note, you do have to admit that the image above is the most professional selfie ever!

As my 19th birthday approached,

Soon I came to realize that for the first time in my life, I would be away from home and my family on my birthday.

Even though, we would not have celebrated my birthday on a grand scale, I still longed to be at home with family.

On May 31st, 2017, I was in Toronto, aboard the docked Polar Prince at HTO Park West.

I had not actively told my coworkers that it was my birthday, and I carried on with work like usual.

To my surprise, my coworkers, whom I had known for only a couple of weeks, had decided to celebrate my birthday.

I had been out in Downtown Toronto running an errand for work. On my way back, I received a call and was notified that we were having an emergency meeting and that I needed to be present as well. I began to receive numerous messages from multiple coworkers, asking me where I was. At the time, I was approximately 3-5 minutes away from where the ship was docked, hence, I began to run towards the vessel.

As I rushed on board, I headed straight towards the Cafeteria, where everyone had told me to meet them. I arrived, only to find out that there was absolutely no rush or emergency. Keeping in mind, that everyone was just completing their meals, and a few individuals heading towards the kitchen to put away and wash their dishes, made nothing seem to be out of the ordinary.

I remained distracted engaged in conversation with those in the mess hall. This is exactly when they decided to surprise me. Everyone erupted into singing Happy Birthday and a cake was brought out. I had absolutely not expected anything at all, especially not a full celebration on my birthday with people that I had known for such a short period of time.

I was overwhelmed with joy, yet, I felt embarrassed. I was crying because of how grateful I felt, but also because my hair looked terrible and now there would be photos and video of it.

Earlier this summer, If you would have asked me how I felt about being out on open waters,

I would have told you this,

Do you know the saying, ‘that you shouldn’t say anything if you cannot guarantee it’ (more or less) – like kind of, unwittingly challenging God, by saying something which falls right in place according to God’s plan but may go against your own desires and intentions.


I made that very mistake,

I said to myself, that I would never set foot on a ship in my life, even if it were a life-or-death situation.

Well, what do you know?

A few weeks into the summer, I apply to a job to work out of an office as part of a communications team, and before you know it!
I am on an Icebreaker sailing down the Saint Lawrence River from Prescott to Toronto.